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Design Robust Cybersecurity Architecture in 3 Days.

Cybersecurity Architect | Exam SC-100

2100,-€ (excl. VAT)


3 Days


Participants will acquire the skills to design comprehensive Zero Trust strategies and architectures, evaluate and implement GRC technical strategies, and secure organizational infrastructure, data, and applications. You'll learn to align security measures with business needs and compliance requirements, ensuring a robust defense against emerging cybersecurity threats.

Learning Objectives

  • One of the following Associate level certifications: Identity and Access Administrator, Security Administrator, Security Operations Analyst, or Azure Security Engineer.

  • A solid understanding of cybersecurity principles and Microsoft's security tools and architectures.

If unsure about meeting these prerequisites, a training consultant is available to discuss your background and determine if this course is the right fit for you.


This course is ideal for IT professionals, security consultants, and architects aiming to advance their careers in cybersecurity architecture. It's particularly beneficial for those with prior experience or certifications in Microsoft's security and identity solutions, looking to specialize in designing and implementing advanced security strategies.

Who Should Attend

NEOEDX's accelerated 3-day Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect course is designed for professionals seeking to master designing Zero Trust strategies and architectures. You'll learn to evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations strategies, alongside designing security measures for infrastructure, data, and applications. This course is ideal for those looking to solidify their skills in creating robust, comprehensive security architectures that align with business needs and compliance requirements.

Course Description

Section 1: Design a Zero Trust Strategy and Architecture

  • Module 1: Build an overall security strategy and architecture.

  • Module 2: Design a security operations strategy.

  • Module 3: Design an identity security strategy.

Section 2: Evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) Technical Strategies

  • Module 1: Design a regulatory compliance strategy.

  • Module 2: Evaluate security posture and recommend technical strategies to manage risk.

Section 3: Design Security for Infrastructure

  • Module 1: Secure server and client endpoints strategy.

  • Module 2: Secure SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services strategy.

Section 4: Design a Strategy for Data and Applications

  • Module 1: Specify security requirements for applications.

  • Module 2: Design a strategy for securing data.

Section 5: Recommend Security Best Practices and Priorities

  • Module 1: Use Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture and Azure Security Benchmarks.

  • Module 2: Use the Cloud Adoption Framework for secure methodology.

  • Module 3: Recommend a ransomware strategy using Microsoft Security Best Practices.

Course Outline

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