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Master Cybersecurity Essentials in an Intensive 5-Day Course.

CompTIA Security+ (SY0-701)

3000,-€ (excl. VAT)


5 Days


By the end of the course, participants will understand critical security concepts, recognize and mitigate various threats and vulnerabilities, comprehend the nuances of security architecture and operations, and manage and oversee security programs effectively. They will be equipped with the skills needed to ensure robust security in diverse IT environments.

Learning Objectives

  • 2 years' experience in IT administration with a security focus.

  • Familiarity with operating systems, particularly Windows-based systems.

  • Basic knowledge of network components (routers, switches, firewalls) and their roles.

  • Understanding of firewall configurations and wireless networks.

  • Knowledge of the OSI Model and TCP/IP, including IPv4 subnetting.

  • Previous attendance at CompTIA A+ and/or CompTIA Network+ courses is recommended.

If unsure about meeting these prerequisites, a training consultant is available to discuss your background and determine if this course is the right fit for you.


This course is ideal for IT professionals with at least two years of experience in an IT administration role with a security focus. It's particularly suited for those looking to deepen their understanding of security concepts, architecture, and operations, and who wish to advance their career in cybersecurity. If you're unsure about your qualifications, a training consultant is available to assist you.

Who Should Attend

In this 5-day accelerated course, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity principles and practices. Starting with general security concepts, the course moves into threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations, and delves deep into security architecture and operations. You'll learn to apply and enhance security techniques, manage enterprise infrastructure, and understand the intricacies of security program management and oversight. By the end, you'll be well-prepared to tackle complex security challenges in a variety of IT environments.

Course Description

  1. General Security Concepts: Understanding key cybersecurity terminology.

  2. Threats, Vulnerabilities & Mitigations: Handling common cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

  3. Security Architecture: Securing different architecture models and enterprise infrastructure.

  4. Security Operations: Enhancing security and vulnerability management.

  5. Security Program Management & Oversight: Skills in governance, risk management, and compliance.

Course Outline

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