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Navigate Cloud Essentials Efficiently in Just 2 Days.

CompTIA - Cloud Essentials+ certification

2100,-€ (excl. VAT)


2 Days


Upon completing this course, you'll be able to evaluate and advise on cloud business use cases, understand the financial implications of cloud adoption, identify key technologies and deployment models, and apply best practices for operating and managing governance in the cloud. You'll gain a solid foundation to make strategic decisions regarding cloud technology implementation.

Learning Objectives

Although there are no formal prerequisites, having 6-12 months of work experience as a business analyst in an IT environment with exposure to cloud technologies will be beneficial.

If you have any doubts regarding the prerequisites, please feel free to reach out to your training advisor for a professional assessment of the course's appropriateness for your educational objectives.


This course is ideal for business analysts, IT professionals, and anyone interested in gaining a foundational understanding of cloud computing principles and best practices. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to make strategic decisions about cloud technology in their organization. If you're unsure about your background or experience level, a training consultant is available to assist you in determining if this course suits your professional development needs.

Who Should Attend

Embark on this accelerated 2-day CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ course to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for making informed decisions about cloud technology, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and mitigating security risks. You'll explore how to evaluate cloud business use cases, understand financial impacts, and delve into various technologies and deployment models. The course also covers utilizing DevOps in cloud environments, managing cloud vendor relationships, and comprehending the significance of compliance in the cloud.

Course Description

  1. Understanding Cloud Computing Concepts

  2. Applying Cloud Business Principles

  3. Advising a Cloud Design and Migration

  4. Operating in the Cloud

  5. Managing Cloud Governance

Course Outline

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