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Master the Essentials of Data Privacy and GDPR

Complete Data Privacy (GDPR) Fundamentals

3500,-€ (excl. VAT)


5 Days


Participants will develop a foundational understanding of data privacy principles, GDPR, and how to protect personal information. You'll learn the legal frameworks governing data use, individuals' rights, and the responsibilities of organizations. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to assess and contribute to data privacy practices in various settings.

Learning Objectives

No prior background in Data Privacy is required. However, a general interest in the field and a willingness to learn about data protection principles are beneficial.


* Beginners interested in understanding data privacy and GDPR.
* Aspiring Data Privacy Officers or professionals in the data field.
* Anyone seeking to protect their personal information and understand how organizations handle data.
* Professionals from various sectors who wish to gain insights into data privacy as an additional data aspect.

Who Should Attend

This comprehensive course on Data Privacy and GDPR Fundamentals is designed to provide a thorough understanding of personal data, the significance of privacy rights, and how to protect personal information in the digital age. Over the course, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of GDPR, its history, key principles, lawful basis of data processing, and individuals' privacy rights. Learn about Data Privacy by design, appropriate technical and organizational measures, and how to assess projects and processes from a privacy perspective. This course is your gateway to understanding and implementing data privacy best practices in both personal and professional settings.

Course Description

  • Understanding Data: Importance of data in the modern world.

  • Data Privacy, Protection, and Security: Key concepts and distinctions.

  • Immersive Understanding of GDPR: Historical context and comprehensive principles.

  • Lawful Basis of Data Processing: Understanding legal grounds under GDPR.

  • Individual Privacy Rights: Detailed coverage of rights provided by GDPR.

  • Data Privacy by Design/Default: Strategies and approaches for privacy-first thinking.

  • Technical and Organizational Measures: Implementing robust privacy safeguards.

  • Privacy Terminologies: Essential terms in the Data Privacy field.

  • Privacy Assessment: Analyzing projects and products from a privacy perspective.

  • Introduction to OneTrust: Understanding its use by Data Privacy Officers.

Course Outline

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