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Unleash the power of AI and ML with NeoEDX. From fundamentals to advanced applications, embark on a journey of intelligence and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mastery

Key Components:

  • Fundamentals of AI and ML

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Deep Learning Applications

  • Ethical Considerations in AI

NeoEDX's AI and ML course is a comprehensive learning journey that begins with foundational concepts and progresses to advanced applications. Participants delve into machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and deep learning, gaining hands-on experience through projects. The curriculum covers the ethical considerations of AI, ensuring a holistic understanding. By the end, graduates are equipped to design intelligent systems, analyze complex data sets, and contribute to groundbreaking AI innovations.


4 Days

OpenAI/ChatGPT Embedding & Development within Microsoft

5 Days

Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS

3 Days

Certified Machine Learning - Specialty | MLS-C01

5 Days/40 Hours

Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals

3 Days

Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate | Exam AI-102

5 Days

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • What background is needed for the AI and ML course?
    The course is designed for both beginners and professionals. A basic understanding of programming concepts will be helpful but is not mandatory.
  • How practical is the course content?
    The course emphasizes hands-on projects and real-world applications, ensuring you gain practical experience and can apply AI and ML concepts effectively.
  • Are there any prerequisites for specific software or tools?
    No specific prerequisites. We guide you through the use of relevant tools and software during the course, ensuring accessibility to all participants.
  • Is there ongoing support after completing the course?
    Absolutely! We offer continuous support through forums and additional resources to help you stay updated on the latest advancements in AI and ML.
  • Can the course be customized for corporate training?
    Yes, we offer customized training solutions for organizations looking to upskill their teams in AI and ML. Contact us for more information.

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